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How to request a quotation

1. We accept quotation requests for all products. Even if you cannot find a product from search, we will provide a quote based on your request.

If you need to check the inventory of a product or you have requirements for price or delivery date of certain items,please send us an email , Fax, or through phone call.

2. Our internal sales will reply to your request within two or three business days. We will let you know if we do not have the item in stock or it will take time to provide the quotation.

3. Once the quote is ready, we will email it to your registered email address.

4. The expiry date of the quotation is ten days after the date of the response. However, we may not be able to supply the products as described in the quotation if a long time has passed since the date of the response to your quotation request even before the expiry date. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could place orders as soon as possible after we respond to your quotation request.

Please also refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for details on quotations.


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