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Credit card payment notice

The maximum payment we accept through Credit card is USD 1000.

Note: Usually, the successful transfer percentage of credit card payment is near 60% to 70%. In case there is constantly a failure in your credit card transfer, please choose other payments.

Several possible reasons for credit card payment failures:

a. The credit card holder is in a high risk region or area.

b. The credit card holder is defined as "special populations", such as: teacher/professor, government workers, etc.

c. The credit card has tainted records, and is denied in Visa, Master systems.

We do not keep any of your billing information. All your credit card and personal information that you enter on our online payment page is re-directed to your selected payment gateway via encrypted connection. Only the bank will have your card number and personal information. This way we ensure that our customers’ information is kept secure and that it is perfectly safe to shop with us via the Internet.

We do not have collect or store any credit card information.

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